​​​​​Security & Business Engineering

ESS Overview:
ESS consults with clients to engineer deployment of solutions based on security & business technologies. 

We specialize in creating solutions that are BOTH highly-effective and cost-efficient in achieving your business goals.  We collaborate to develop a customized solution that minimizes lifecycle costs while maximizing effectiveness & ROI.

ESS History
Our founder, Dave Klepp was drawn into security technology in the 70s, watching his dad build his security engineering company.  This was followed by two Engineering degrees & 27 years in technology Engineering, business development, operations and management.  Over 13 years running his own security technology companies through the recession matured his perspectives.  Viewed through an analytical engineering lens imparted over two generations, these experiences revealed significant gaps in the "industry standard" solutions offered.  These gaps led Dave to personally invest over $2M to research, develop, integrate, market, deploy, test and refine innovative solutions.  This experience brought the realization that there had to be a better way to help clients get more effective and cost efficient solutions.  The goal of ESS is to remove the limits to helping clients through only one company, methodology or approach.

What's in a Name?
Not just thrown together, but Engineered to solve Your problems -AND- bring ancillary benefits
Security-  Technology to protect people, productivity, efficiency, investments, assets, revenue, profits & income
Solution-  The last solution you will need, not just another in a sequence of solutions that accomplish little

Put ESS Experience To Work For You To:
- Cut Time, Costs & Risks
- Refine Business Processes
- Increase Productivity and Profits
- Protect People, Assets & Income

* The bottom line is a solution that works for you!

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About Us:


help you best leverage security, telecom, IT, Cloud, IoT technology To achieve your goals