ESS Overview:
ESS consults with clients, to engineer, manage and support deployment of one Engineered Security Solution for your business, community, or organization.  We specialize in creating a solution that is BOTH highly-effective and cost-efficient in solving crime problems and exposures.  Most clients choose the lowest cost solution, regardless of effectiveness level, as that is harder to determine. Thus, the security industry often provides canned solutions that accomplish little.  We help develop a customized solution that is the lowest cost for the desired level of effectiveness.

The cookie-cutter solutions that most security vendors provide are too simplistic, easily defeated, and ineffective.  Many vendors are content to play the cat & mouse game of providing more and more canned solutions for your problem, but we want to help you obtain one Engineered Security Solution that works.  Our goal is that you are so pleased that you tell everyone you know about what ESS helped you accomplish.

ESS History
Our founder, Dave Klepp was drawn into security technology in the 70s, watching his dad build his security engineering company.  This was followed by two degrees and 25 years in technology engineering, sales and operations, with over 12 years running his own security technology companies through the recession.  These experiences viewed through the analytical engineering lens imparted over two generations, revealed significant gaps in industry solutions being offered.  These gaps led Dave to invest over $2M to research, develop, integrate, deploy, test and refine innovative solutions. 

These experiences led Dave to realize that there had to be a better way to help clients get effective security solutions. Most integrators provide ineffective canned solutions "off the shelf" because the current industry expectation is that they must provide free estimates and many of their solutions aren't deployed.  However, Dave found that some clients truly need an effective solution and are willing to pay for the experienced help necessary to obtain one.  This birthed ESS, to help clients obtain highly effective security solutions at lower lifecycle costs.

What's in a Name?
Not just thrown together, but thought-through to solve your problem -AND- bring ancillary benefits
Security-  Protect your investments, people, assets & income
Solution-  The last solution you will need, not just another in a sequence of solutions that accomplish little

Put ESS Experience To Work For You To:
- Save you time and money
- Cut your crime and time losses
- Protect your business investments
- Increase efficiency, productivity & revenue
* The bottom line is a solution that works for you!

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=> What Myths and Truths Should I Know about typical security solutions?
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TO protect your people, assets and income while helping YOUR TEAM BE MORE EFFICIENT & effective