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Active Crime Defense Solution (ACDS) Overview:
Small properties commonly have the same needs, so our clients challenged us design an entry-level solution that still Actively detects criminals at the perimeter of a property, (where they can still be deterred) and Stops them in their tracks.

When you can have an Active Crime Defense Solution, why settle for Passive Security Solutions like:  Alarms, Cameras, Access Control, Monitoring, and/or Guards?

Traditional Security Solutions Have Major Effectiveness Problems:

Alarms only detect criminals After they break in and that's far too late-  Perps are already committed at that point and they know cops can't show up in time to get them.  If someone happens to be inside and this criminal has already been to jail, they've likely learned that they can't leave witnesses alive.

Cameras are usually only useful for researching after the fact and often get poor quality images of people in hoodies or someone you don't know, which is virtually worthless.

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The Active Crime Defense Solution (ACDS) Solves These Problems by:

1) Detecting criminals at the edge of your property, then Stopping them with an Instant Audible Greeting*, and optionally turning on lights, so criminals believe someone is watching them- even if nobody is yet.  

-  A custom audible alert almost always Stops a criminal in their tracks, but they may not yet turn around and leave, so this feature alone is not enough of a deterrent.

*  Note: A neutral Instant Audible Greeting works best, like "Hey There!". This allows neighbors and UPS to be greeted as a visitor, while criminals hear this as "Hey, What Are You Doing?!?!" 

2) Alerting System Users* in real-time with a picture of the visitor so they have the critical time to Turn Away perps and Evade them if necessary, saving property and possibly even lives.  The ACDS-M1 allows the Users to Turn Away perps via two-way audio communication, with live video and playback; all from smartphones, tablets, Macs, or PCs.

-  Real-time, Two-way communication with video confirmation virtually always turns away perpetrators. 

- It also allows you to help UPS/neighbors/visitors, regardless of if you are in the back of the property or in another state. 

-  It is best to greet the person with their description, to confirm you can see them (EG: "Nice Red Shirt! Can I Help You?")

*  Note: System Users can be a list of occupants and can optionally include a professional Verification Center Agent for additional monthly charges.

Remote Arm & Disarm Features:
Two wireless remotes are provided to Arm/Disarm the system and they have an LED light to show current Arming status. Outdoor and Indoor LED indicator lights are also provided to display current Arm/Disarm status at a glance in case you are not near one of the remotes as you drive in or walk out the main door.  Additional remotes are available for an additional charge. 

Detection System:
The Entry Level ACDS-M1 includes a basic detection system, that should be sufficient for many users. However, more advanced detection systems can be added to increase detection accuracy and reduce false alarms.

Install & Support:

To keep costs as low as possible, this kit assumes Self-Installation, however installation service can also be purchased.  

A power supply and 70 feet of connectorized cabling to your network switch is included.  A speaker, microphone and LED indicator light are included that are intended to be mounted  next to the camera, out of the rain- like under an overhang. Instructions and up to 2 hours of remote support is provided to help you configure your router and train you on system use.  Additional support can be purchased.

Community Benefits:

The ACDS can also help reduce crime in the community by recording video of road traffic going by the property.  With ACDSs deployed at primary intersections, vehicle and pedestrian traffic can be tracked to its' source (or current area).  These ACDS can complement other common-area cameras (like license-plate capture) to enable many crimes to be solved.  Word gets out fast on the streets when perps get nailed and this is also a highly-effective proactive deterrent to other criminals targeting your property or area.


The Entry Level ACDS-M1 solution can be financed for as little as $39 per month.

Please Contact Us to Started:
- Save time and money
- Cut your crime and time losses
- Protect your property and family/team
- Increase efficiency, productivity & income
* The bottom line is a solution that works for you!

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